Dior Pioneers A 50s Revival With Hourglass Silhouettes

Dior Pioneers A 50s Revival With Hourglass Silhouettes

In last week's haute couture show in Paris, Raf Simons put forward a modern revival of Dior's classic aesthetic. And we fell head over heels for it...

It may have been a summer’s day in July, but Raf Simons' haute couture collection for Christian Dior was a magical winter wonderland that left us longing for snow. Glitter, soft-whites and feathers, followed by a flurry of fanciful pastel hues, transported us straight into a high fashion Narnia.

There was certainly a ‘Christmas come early’ feel in the cylindrical pavilion where the show took place. Silk and tulle featured heavily in this dream-like collection, where fabrics were tempered into sleek hourglass forms which glided around the set.

The real triumph of Simons' AW show was the timeless appearance of his fabrics, married with the sheer volume of the full skirts; a historical homage to Christian Dior’s trademark hourglass silhouette of the 1950s. Styled with graceful, deep pleats or into immaculate lantern shapes, they practically screamed Grace Kelly. 

Leaving the 50s aesthetic behind for a moment, Dior sent boiler suits with cinched-in waists down the catwalk, continuing his love of creating vintage shapes with a modern, relaxed twist. 

Models' hair was smooth and worn parted in the middle, while the minimal makeup was brought to life by metallic strips of colour daubed across eyelids.

The show marks the growing success of Simons, who once described his 2012 debut collection for Dior as having a 'nostalgia for the future'. Taking the concepts that made Dior indispensable to the 1950s elite, Simons gave the look a modern revamp. With its flattering shape and pretty, soft-hued palette, it looks like this chilly winter look is going to be hot next season.

By Francesca Specter/ @ChezSpecter

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