Dior Breaks Couture Tradition And Shows Onesies In Its Collection

Dior Breaks Couture Tradition And Shows Onesies In Its Collection

As Couture Fashion Week is in full swing in Paris, we look at an unexpected (but very comfy!) addition to the catwalk

When you think of couture, you think of ballgowns; of lace and embroidery and embellished fairytale dresses that only Hollywood stars get to wear on the red carpet, right? Well, think again. Because Raf Simons showed onesies on the Dior catwalk in Paris on Monday. That’s right, ONESIES. Albeit onesies that you would either need to be a Hollywood star or the daughter of a Russian oligarch  to be able to afford to buy (a couture dress can cost tens of thousands of pounds), but onesies all the same.

The all-in-ones in question were the sort that pre-2007 would have been referred to as catsuits; bright and tight and in swirls of colour that gave them a distinctly retro feel (think Lady Miss Kier, the singer from Nineties throwback funk band Deee Lite). They were sometimes teamed with nothing but patent ankle boots (a look for the VERY brave, that one) but took a new, more wearable twist when paired with mini skirts and tank tops. Suddenly – price tag aside - the couture onesie doesn’t seem like such an out there idea.

The genius of Raf Simons is that he manages to be both ground-breaking AND true to tradition, and so manages to please pretty much everyone with his Dior collections. For old school couture fans, there were beautiful full skirts made from exquisite lace and embroidery, and jackets and skirts in silhouettes that echoed the history of Dior. Young film stars will love wearing the Sixties-style A-line shift dresses with cut-out panels and heavy embellishment. The whole collection was peppered with newness though, in the form of skin tight, primary coloured thigh-high boots, and, of course, those onesies. They might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we challenge you not to swoon over at least one look from this collection.

Check out more of our favourite looks from Dior's Couture Fashion Week show below...

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