Detox Your Wardrobe with Cancer Research UK!

Detox Your Wardrobe with Cancer Research UK!
Cancer Research UK

Give your closet a much needed clear out for Cancer Research UK’s Detox Your Wardrobe campaign.

If you’re anything like us, your wardrobe is fit to bursting. Filled to the brim not only with your favourite earthly possessions but the ex-boyfriend’s jumper you can’t quite part with, the dress you wore on your 18th birthday - which let’s be honest, no longer fits - and those comfort buys that you should have never even bought in the first place.

And now it is that time of year again: you’ve received those dream Choos for Christmas, you’ve bagged that bargain maxi skirt in the sale and you’ve got your eyes on those new season silk flares. But where do you think you’ll put them all?

Ladies, it’s time to detox your wardrobe. Forget going to the gym or giving up coffee. If you really want to get your life in order, start rolling up those sleeves and being brutal with your wardrobe. Remove those things you don’t need and give them over to Cancer Research UK's Detox Your Wardobe campaign. A bag of your clutter can be worth up to £30 for the charity. And this way your once much loved kilt/playsuit/shrunken jumpers can find a new, happy home

And you won’t be on your own. The Xtra Factor’s Konnie Huq, journalist Dawn Porter and morning TV star Lorraine Kelly are all detoxing their wardrobes too.

Konnie says: “The only detox I’m planning to do this January is that of my bulging wardrobe. I’m going to take all the clothes I never wear down to my nearest Cancer Research UK shop to make room for my Christmas presents and would encourage everyone to do the same and help raise funds for research into cancer. Donate your clothes and let Cancer Research UK gain the pounds!”

To detox your wardrobe and donate your clothes to Cancer Research UK visit

By Marisa Bate





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