Looking For A Unique Fashion Accessory You Can DIY At Home? We Have Just The Thing

Looking For A Unique Fashion Accessory You Can DIY At Home? We Have Just The Thing

There's nothing worse than turning up in the same outfit as someone else, right? We might just have the answer with these gorgeous DIY headbands that will be totally one-of-a-kind, and there's more: come and join Team InStyle for Make Do And Trend, our live night of cocktails, crafting and canapés

Looking for a totally unique fashion accessory that you can DIY at home? We might just have the answer with these two stunning headbands, one in summer-ready florals and the other a glittery feather crown - perfect to team with your vintage army surplus army jacket and copped Hunter wellies. With just some elastic, scissors and glue (as well as a few other crafty bits and bobs), you can make your own gorgeous headbands that nobody else will have. Pass us the glue gun, craft goddess Christine Leech is about to show us how to get crafty...


  • You will need 20cm of feather trimming, 20cm of beaded ribbon, 20cm of 1cm wide elastic, scissors, glitter, 
glue, needle and thread. Try hobbycraft.co.uk for the materials.
  • Sew one end of the elastic to one end of the ribbon. Place on your head and work out how tight you need the elastic to be to hold the crown securely. Mark and sew the other ends together.
  • Sew the feather trim to the inside of the beaded ribbon (if you don’t want to sew, then a glue gun or superglue would work).
  • For added sparkle 
dot a little PVA glue at the ends 
of the feathers and then sprinkle with glitter. 


  • You will need five fake hydrangea or large flowers 
(try your local pound shop), woollen pom-poms, ribbons in several colours and lengths, and a needle and thread. 
  • Twist the wire flower stems together so the blooms are staggered in a line. Then twist the stems round to form a circle.Twist stems together to secure, then cover any pointy ends in tape.
  • Thread individual flowers onto ribbons, then tie to the crown at one side. Add a few pom-poms. Sew in place.
  • Done! All you need 
now is a pair of Hunters, 
some denim cut-offs and a drink in hand. Enjoy!

If these DIY fashion projects have got your creativity flowing, grab a friend and join Team InStyle for Make Do And Trend - a night of cocktails, canapés and crafting at London's hottest new members bar, Lights of Soho. We've teamed up with Christine Leech, the lady behind these headdresses and the coolest craft blogger on the block) to host this night of stylish crafting, where you will make two fashion-forward headbands: one in beautiful silk florals, and an outrageous pom-pom bonanza. With Wilko and Hobbycraft providing the craft kit, and us serving the gin cocktails, all you need to bring is your creativity. Did we mention there's a goody bag, too?

Thursday 6th August, 6.30pm to 9pm.

Lights of Soho, 35 Brewer St, London W1F 0RX.

Tickets are limited, so book yours now for just £30 here. Your craft kit, cocktails, canapés and an exclusive goody bag worth £50 are included.

You can also check out Christine's latest craft book Festival Fabulous: 45 Craft & Styling Projects for a Unique Festivals Experience (co-authored with Ros Badger) published by Quadrille Craft, and head to sewyeah.co.uk for more festival craftiness.


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