Couture Is Heading To New York Thanks To Valentino

Couture Is Heading To New York Thanks To Valentino

The Italian fashion house is taking a new couture show to the Big Apple

Haute Couture has always been very much a Parisian affair, and a mainstay of French fashion culture, but it looks like that could all be set to change with the news that Valentino is taking an entirely new Couture collection to New York this December, to celebrate the opening of its Fifth Avenue store. Christmas present anyone?

Creating a Couture collection is serious business, not least because of the strict regulations that govern couture houses and decide whether a collection can be deemed couture or not.

One of these rules is that the collection be made in an atelier in Paris, so we doubt that Valentino will be moving his seamstresses to the Big Apple for this one-off show, but he will be shipping the gowns there once they are completed.

Another rule is that they a couture fashion house shows twice a year – in January and again in July – which means that less than a month after his couture show in New York, Valentino will be showing another collection back in Paris in January.

And if that wasn't enough, the Italian fashion house has chosen to decamp to Rome for its July couture collection. That's a helluva lot of sewing – we feel tired just thinking about it.

Still, a couture Valentino show in New York in time for Christmas? That's one event we will not want to miss...

By Olivia Marks

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