Could Alexander McQueen Star On The Next £20 Note?

Could Alexander McQueen Star On The Next £20 Note?

As the face of the next £20 note goes to a public vote, team InStyle share their thoughts on who deserves to cover our hard-earned cash.

Could Alexander McQueen be paying for your next coffee? The Bank of England is looking to revamp the good old £20 note, and want you to choose who deserves to be on it from our wealth of ‘visual artists’. The late, great designer is a firm favourite to cover our currency, alongside artist William Hogarth (he died in 1764) and Richard Attenborough (MEGA filmmaker and brother to David).

It’s about time our money got a makeover – Elizabeth Fry, Adam Smith and Matthew Boulton obviously did a lot for England, but when the youngest person on our cash died over 200 years ago, maybe it’s time the Queen had some younger company.

The criteria for the new face of our fortunes are as follows; you must be:

1. Dead
2. Uncontroversial
3. Feature in suitable artwork on which to base a pictorial representation…aka have a good profile picture
4. Done something good
5. Be famous  



We might not go as far as Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of England, when he says the bank notes are ‘small works of art in everyone’s wallets’, but we do enjoy the fact that a pic of the Queen can be exchanged for a totally necessary new Zara blouse.

Mark also urges us to think beyond the ‘the most famous and the most obvious’ to those who have made a ‘lasting contribution’, so here’s who team InStyle would like to see on the next £20 note. We admit we played a bit fast and loose with the whole 'dead' rule though...

Lucy Pavia, Senior Features Writer - Rik Mayall, the Queen Mother, Laurence Olivier, Isabella Blow and Roger Lloyd-Pack?

Chloe MacDonnell, Editorial Assistant - Richard Harris who played Dumbledore, because whenever I see him I think of Dumbledore and it would remind me that money is magical.

Nick Spensley, Executive Fashion Director - Stephen Fry!

Olivia Marks, Digital Content Editor - Grayson Perry because he's the nation's unlikeliest national treasure. And looks great in a dress, too.

Isabella Silvers, Features Intern - Naomi Campbell - give that cash some sass! There’s no-one better than Naomi to a) ‘feature in suitable artwork’ and b) provide some moral support when you need a yes or no on those questionable heels.

George Driver, Beauty Assistant - My grandma Melita Slatter aka Nain (that's Welsh for grandma). She's an absolute legend and she totally has an award from the Queen.

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