Items That Make You More ‘Attractive’ Vs. What You ACTUALLY Want To Wear

Items That Make You More ‘Attractive’ Vs. What You ACTUALLY Want To Wear

According to science, these five items will instantly make you more attractive, but how do they compare to the clothes women ACTUALLY want to wear? InStyle investigates…

Any woman who says she’s never dressed to impress is, quite simply, lying. Whether you’ve upped your style game for a wedding that has way too many of your old school ‘friends’ in attendance for comfort, or you’ve made an extra effort for a big meeting with your boss, we’ve all tried to use the way we look to get ahead and make an impression. And, whether we want to admit it or not, we employ the exact same process when we’re looking to impress a potential partner.

Science has proven that men, in particular, find a selection of items most attractive on women. Unsurprisingly, they’re not exactly groundbreaking.

Chances are you can probably guess most of the list without reading on but, at the risk of being obvious, these are the pieces most likely to make a woman more ‘attractive’ to a man:

No.1: High heels
Invented by a man, the heel was first designed to lengthen the legs and boost the butt, so the fact they’re scientifically proven to get pulses racing is hardly a shocker.

No.2: Something red
Whether it’s a lip or a full on red frock, the colour of passion is a psychological hit with both men and women.

No.3: LBDs
Studies involving both men and women have revealed that black is the colour most often associated with characteristics such as sexiness, confidence, and intelligence. 

No.4: Bandeau necklines
Apparently cleavage isn’t the only flesh flash that men respond to. In a survey conducted by the University of South New Wales, men also proved to be highly attracted to women’s shoulders and arms. Ok, this one’s slightly more unexpected than the rest.

No.5: Bodycon Dresses
Dresses that leave little to the imagination? ‘Nuff said.

While we wear many of these items on a daily basis, it goes without saying that the on-trend items women REALLY want to wear right now are infinitely cooler than spray-on frocks. Here’s what we’d rather spend our cash on…

No.1: Lace-up flats
It’s the shoe of the season, and it’s a flattie. A surefire winner with women everywhere…

No.2: Suede
In tan, black, blue and patchwork on jackets, skirts, dresses and shorts, we’ll take the lot.

No.3: Culottes
In general, the culotte isn’t thought of very highly, is it? However, in fashion circles, it’s the one trouser trend everyone is all for.  

No.4: Off-the-shoulder tops
Ok, so we’re kind of with the boys on this one…

No.5: Masculine shirts
If we want to look ‘sexy’, we’ll leave three buttons undone or tuck it into our skinny jeans. However, the baggy shirt is at its sartorial peak paired with tailored trousers and chunky loafers.

Soz guys, if you wannabe our lover, you’ve gotta get with our wardrobe…

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