Christian Louboutin nail polish

Christian Louboutin's £425 nail polish

If you're looking for an extra special stocking filler this Christmas, and you've got some cash to burn, then we've found just the thing: Christian Louboutin's £495 nail polish.

Yes, we agree that £495 might be a little steep to spend on any old nail varnish, but this isn't your average bottle of lacquer. Oh no. This polish is embellished with 1,500 hand-applied strass crystals, and with just 1000 of them in circulation, they are really something of a collectors item.

The shoe designer has clearly not taken his venture into the world of beauty lightly, making sure that the same time and care is taken over the design of his nail varnishes as it is over his shoes. That's why the bottle stands at eight inches tall: the same height as the heel on Louboutin's Ballerina Ultima shoe.

But while we can appreciate the love and attention that has gone into making his limited edition festive polish, we know that what we'd really like to wake up to a pair of those red-soled courts come Christmas morning.

And with the classic Pigalle style coming in at £425, we'd be saving our loved one a few quid too...

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By Olivia Marks