Chanel's starring role

Chanel's starring role

The Cannes Film Festival is set to get even more stylish tomorrow as Penelope Cruz unveils her new film where her character is clad in head-to-toe Chanel.

The Oscar-nominated actress, a long-time fan of the fashion house, plays the heroine in Pedro Almodóvar's Embraces (her fourth collaboration with the celebrated Spanish director) and sees her femme fatale, Lena, swathed in a mix of breathtaking vintage and newer pieces, from the iconic quilted 2.55 bag to a knitted navy suit from the 2007-8 Cruise collection.

And wouldn't you know it, the designer wardrobe was the stylish director's idea! Almodóvar first fell in love with the fashion house's neon-coloured heels in the spring/summer 1991 ready-to-wear collection, which he featured in his film High Heels. He said at the time: "Chanel is one of the best inventions of the 20th century."

No clues yet as to what Penelope will be sporting at the premiere, but our money's on one of the stunning origami-pleated numbers from Chanel's spring/summer haute couture line. Lucky girl, getting to wear Chanel on and off the red carpet! Check back tomorrow to find out what she and all the other A-listers are wearing.

By Maria Milano

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