Chanel's SS17 Show: Step Inside Karl Lagerfeld's 'Data Centre'

Chanel's SS17 Show: Step Inside Karl Lagerfeld's 'Data Centre'

Step inside Chanel's data centre...

Karl Lagerfeld might be in his eighties, but he's never been slow on the uptake as far as the digital world is concerned; he's been creating Instagrammable stage sets for Chanel since before the app even existed. So it's no wonder that the ordinarily pushy fashion crowd was quite happy to stand patiently in line outside as their ID and bags were checked (security is understandably high in the French capital at the moment). A Chanel show is well worth queuing for, and luckily it was a beautiful sunny day.  

The world of Chanel is now a digital world and today's SS17 show at the Grand Palais in Paris was the epicentre - Karl’s ‘Data Center’ - with the flashing lights of computer servers sparkling alongside the runway while trolleys of brightly coloured cables sat beside it. With a ‘beep beep bop’ of a remix of Donna Summer’s ‘I Feel Love’ the first model took to the catwalk in a Daft Punk-style helmet and robot mittens (Instagram gold!) although sadly she was the only girl who got an AI make-over.

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Many of the big name faces we’re used to seeing walk at Chanel - Cara, Kendall - were not present (unless one of them was under that helmet) making this show feel a little more low-key than usual. See all the celebrity front row photos from Paris Fashion Week

As for the clothes? Chanel’s classic tweed suits took on the bright colours of the computer cables and there was a heavy dose of pretty lace underwear worn as outerwear. With side ponytails and baseball caps perched with the peak to the left, the styling was more 1980s than futuristic, and the shoes were all flat or with a low block heel (heels are still not making a comeback on the catwalk).

With plenty of Chanel trademarks (navy, pale pink, that tweed), there's no doubt that the brand’s core customers will be happy. Although we just can't wait to see which street style star has the nerve to wear a robot helmet and mittens first...

Which of the Chanel looks is your favourite? 

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