Chanel fashmob at St Pancras Station

Chanel fashmob at St Pancras Station

Dash down to St Pancras Station next Thursday for a very stylish celebration. Don't forget to wear Chanel.

The date: 30th July. The place: London St Pancras. The dress code: Chanel. In celebration of Audrey Tautou’s new biopic Coco Before Chanel, join the first-ever Chanel 'fashmob', congregating at the Eurostar next Thursday 30th July at 18.00. Dress code is mandatory, so you’ll need at least a 2.55 (or that handy imitation one you brought back from Thailand) to join the party of fashionistas dancing around the turnstiles.

Now we’re not quite sure what the point is, unless you’ve got a spare hundred quid floating around to actually hop on a train to Paris. That said, it sounds fun enough. And if you’re going to join a mob, it might as well be a stylish one. Plus, if you're among the first fifteen people to arrive, the organisers,, will give you an exclusive Coco Before Chanel gift. Worth a dash in high heels we think.

Lucy Pavia


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