Celine collaborates with Feiyue

Celine collaborates with Feiyue

Celine goes casual with a sports shoe collaboration.

One is a French fashion house famous for it's Parisian chic; the other is a Chinese footwear line specializing in affordable sneakers. It's not the most likely grounds for a collaboration, but nevertheless Celine and Feiyue have united to produce a trainer for spring / summer 2009.

The lovechild of this union is a fun, retro-inspired shoe in a range of colours, with the familiar Celine Blason logo on the side; a lighter alternative for those who want to take their wardrobe in a more urban direction, but know they'd look a bit silly in Reebok High Tops.

And it looks like this won't be the only Franco-Asian collaboration this year. A line from French brand Stereopanda and Hong Kong-based artist NSBQ is still to come. Watch this space.



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