The Look: The Michael Kors Girls

The Look: The Michael Kors Girls
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From Kate Hudson to Blake Lively, the Michael Kors girl gang are all smiles, sleek hairdos and glistening tans…

Michael Kors isn’t known for his conservative style — both in his own life, or in the clothes he designs for his eponymous label.

It's a cliche but fashion is in his blood, as the son of a former model, he showed off his flair at an impressively young age — redesigning his mother’s wedding dress at the age of five, and setting his sights on becoming a designer at 14.

The Michael Kors womenswear line was launched in 1981, and after some teething issues and a stint as creative director at Celine, he launched his menswear line in 2002, then MICHAEL Michael Kors and KORS Michael Kors in 2004.

As well as twice winning the CFDA Award — one for his womenswear in 1999 and the other for his menswear in 2003 — his designs have been picked up by the celebrity fashion pack.

The Michael Kors girl is undeniably fabulous. She's all-American who looks effortlessly glamorous from day to night and the one we'd all go to for red-carpet outfit advice.

From Kate Hudson to Blake Lively, the Michael Kors gang are all smiles, sleek hairdos and glistening tans. There's undoubtedly a chic timelessness and element of fun involved in Kors' pieces - from sequins to feathers, it's the best form of fashion drama.

There’s been some pretty talked-about red carpet looks — in fact, so many it’s hard to pick the most memorable. His #1 golden girl has got to be Blake, who wears his pieces a lot (when she's not the face of Gucci) — remember that dreamy dress and camel coat combo at AW16 fashion week? Check out the gallery below to refresh your memory.

Since the Kate Hudson revival, she looks to Michael Kors on the reggo for looks that show off her 2.0 toned bod. Her Golden Globes look was, to put it simply, smoking hot.

Zendaya’s always a good one for brave looks, and more hairstyles than you could ever imagine from one girl, but the most memorable was the Met Ball with a mushroom bob.

Check out the main women in the Michael Kors gang...

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