G-Star RAW

What do G-Star RAW jeans have that no other pair of blues has? Specially-designed back pocket shapes, for starters. Discover the label’s cutting-edge 3D technology, which will flatter any shape, at the G-Star RAW party in London’s Covent Garden on 27 October (from 6-9pm).


Not only will you have the chance to check out the latest styles, you’ll also receive expert shopping advice from our very own fashion editors, Natalie Hartley and Jaye Thompson, and be treated to professional hair and make-up style sessions as you enjoy cocktails, canapés and the hottest DJs in town!

And if you’re not in London, fear not - the worldwide Women’s Night party will be hitting your hometown, too!


G-Star Store London 5-11 Shorts Gardens, Covent Garden, WC2H9AZ, London. T +44 (0)8 452 719 910


By Maria Milano