Dogs, you've had it your way for too long. The cats are hitting back with super-cute Instagram feeds, and we can't get enough. Here's our round-up of the most brilliant cats to follow on Instagram; from purritos (yes, they're a thing), to catnaps, we've chosen our favourite felines and their best ever photos. Consider the Internet broken…

1. Grumpy Cat
Who: realgrumpycat
Followers: 833K
Follow for: Possibly the most famous feline face of all time. Grumpy Cat gets up to all sorts of escapades, including attending film premieres, interviewing celebrities, and opening hotel chains. For real.


A photo posted by Grumpy Cat (@realgrumpycat) on


2. Eyebrow Cat
Who: samhaseyebrows
Followers: 172K
Follow for: Sam's antics around the house, and general all-round cuteness. Coming soon: his own range of eco-friendly totes. (Ps. those eyebrows are REAL).


A photo posted by Sam (@samhaseyebrows) on


3. Alien Cat
Who: aliencatmatilda
Followers: 89.9K
What: Matilda's bio says she's 'seeking her kind,' but she actually has a rare eye disorder which gives her saucer-like peepers. According to her owners, she's perfectly happy, and gets up to all sorts of mischief at home. Weird, but cute.


A photo posted by Matilda (@aliencatmatilda) on


4. Cute Cat
Who: Snoopybabe
Followers: 293K
Follow for: Excellent costumes and general all-round fun. In the past, snoopy has dressed up as a pirate, a princess, and Minnie Mouse, to name but a few. She. Is. Adorable.


A photo posted by @snoopybabe on


5. Monster Cat
Who: princessmonstertruck
Followers: 149K
Follow for: Her adorably ugly mug. Princessmonstertruck is a rescue cat living in New York with an unfortunate underbite. She's recently had a fierce haircut, which makes her all the more striking. Bless.


6. Space Cat
Who: iamlilbub
Followers: 888K
What: Ok, so Lil Bub's not actually a space cat. But she is pretty lovely, and also has her own book and TV show about she landed on earth. A certified feline star.


A photo posted by Lil BUB (@iamlilbub) on


7. Cool Cat
Who: hamilton_the_hipster_cat
Followers: 263K
What: Hamilton The Hipster Cat is so cool he has his own app and a YouTube channel. Well on his way to becoming an internet sensation, this San Franciscan rescue mog's adorable white moustache gives him instant cute points. Love.


8. Angry Cat
Followers: 34.5K
What: His bio describes him as the 'world's angriest cat,' but we reckon Garfie's a bit of a softie, really…


9. Small Cat
Who: Nala_Cat
Followers: 2.2m
What: Fast becoming one of the most followed cats on Instagram this year so far, Nala is one popular little lady. A rescue cat, she's fully grown, but with unusually short little legs. What she lacks in height she makes up for in personality, and is pictured pouncing, purring and catnapping her time away online. Cute.


A photo posted by nala_cat (@nala_cat) on


10. Sad cat
Who: lanlan731
Followers: 94K
What: Let's get one thing straight… sad cat isn't actually sad. Little Luhy's downturned expression was caused by an eye infection in kittenhood, and according to owner Maggie Liu, he's actually quite cheery, and 'very friendly' in real life. Follow for: Unbelievable cuteness. These pictures will melt your heart…


A photo posted by Maggie Liu (@lanlan731) on


11. Owl Cat
Who: atchoumfan
Follow for: General hilarity. One look at this little guy sends us into fits of the giggles - his owly face is guaranteed to cheer up even the dullest of days.


A photo posted by Atchoum (@atchoumfan) on


12. Fluffy Cat (Getting Lifted Up By A Hot Guy)
Followers: 637K
Follow for: Travis DesLaurier working out with his cat, Jacob.

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