What's Your Verdict On These Petrifyingly Realistic Cat Bags?

What's Your Verdict On These Petrifyingly Realistic Cat Bags?

We all like a cat, some members of Team InStyle probably more than most, but these are splitting opinion. The jury is still out: creepy or cute?

It often feels like most people living in a city are trying to work out how they can get a pet – it’s split 50/50, cats and dogs – into their flat without their landlord kicking them out, so it would follow these realistic cat bags would be a hit… But, not so.

The bags, made by Japanese artist Pico, are really splitting opinion in the office. Chic they're not, but quirky and cute? Still no.

If the idea of putting your belongings in a cat – albeit made of fake fur and printed linings - to carry around doesn’t freak you out (… seriously?), then the eyes are sure to.

They are plastic, but scarily realistic and combined with the spray paint giving each one their individual markings, the whole thing is a bit weird. (Read: Seriously traumatising and we doubt we’ll look at cats or bags the same again, ever.)

Not sure what all the fuss is about? Just check out this cat bag in the final stages of creation. Yuh.

Though these glorious creations aren’t yet available to buy, they’ve created quite the Twitter storm, retweeting Pico’s pictures  more than 10,000 times. The artist Tweeted: ‘To people other than Japan My made ​​cats do not sell to people other than Japan’, so the only way to get your hands on one is via Yahoo Auction where they’re going for between $500-700. 

Still undecided? Here's a few more pictures...

More cats should wear hats.

Less cats should have handles coming out of their necks.

(Can you spot the real cat? Joking. This picture of a real cat on the website is only mildly alarming amongst the pictures of the bags, but serves the purpose of proving how darned realistic they are.)

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