How Cara Delevingne Is Making The Over-The-Knee Boot Cool

How Cara Delevingne Is Making The Over-The-Knee Boot Cool

We've got thigh high envy... (Actually, we just want to look like Cara)

Over-the-knee boots make us think of lots of things — Pretty Woman, the cast of Geordie Shore, the Kardashians — but not often anything that we’d consider as inspiration for our own day-to-day.

They’re up there with bodysuits for potential coolness, in a throwback way, being overridden by total unwearability.

Or that’s what we thought until seeing Cara Delevingne’s Suicide Squad fierce tourdrobe. So. Many. Over-The-Knee. Boots. And she looks bonkersly good. Like, sexy in a non-tacky way.

Obviously she’s beautiful, that’s kind of a given, but after a few years of seeing her hopping into taxis clad in 100% tracksuit and trainers — which is, of course, totally understandable — she’s made a glorious comeback.

Here’s how to make Cara’s looks wearable for the normal human…

Lesson 1: Embrace a kind of 60s vibe (Wearability: 2/5)

Do you feel ok with a little skirt? Most understandable if not, they can be kind of daunting if you’re not an actual model — you can go for a longer length but make it a little a-line to avoid anywhere near bodycon. Also, avoid the fishnets and go for a higher denier black tight.

Lesson 2: Do a skirt boot overlap (Wearability: 4/5)

A favourite of Anna Wintour (but shorter boots, longer skirt), proving the skirt over boots (with no leg window) can be worn by everyone. The sheer top might be a bit much for real life so wear with a simple sweater.

Lesson 3: Go all out sass (Wearability: 3/5)

This is most certainly a look for out out — a slip dress and boots. Anthony Vacarello’s cuts are certainly a bold choice, but if you’re looking for something a little more lowkey, go for a black dress. Just make sure it’s loose and made of something as closely resembling silk as possible — anything remotely huggy is a no.

Lesson 4: Casj down with a leather jacket (Wearability: 1/5)

This Alexander McQueen look is the fiercest of the lot — over-the-knee boots, sheer dress, granny pants, cropped leather jacket. It’s pretty much impossible for the normal person to even dream of wearing it. But, what you can take from it is that a leather jacket is the right outerwear.

Lesson 5: If you don’t want to commit to a boot, go sock (Wearability: 3/5)

Less overtly sex, more daytime, equally brave. Cara’s vampy Wednesday Adams look is fun, but make it more feasible with a just-below-the-knee sock and chunky heeled loafer.

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