Saturday Night Fever
Next season is all about print and texture (sorry, navy-lovers) and sparkly, tinsel-like fabrics have been the most eye-catching so far. Subtly sewn into the hoods of Mary Katrantzou’s vibrant psychedelic parkas last night, and first seen at Lucas Nascimento in the form of disco dungarees - or sparkly onesies: yes! - this trend has us itching to dance to The Bee Gees. Pointy fingers and hips at the ready! 

Scary Music
If you’ve never been to a fashion show, you might think that it’s an altogether pleasant experience, but this LFW we’ve ended up a little bit, well, scared on the FROW. Why? Because of the soundtracks. At Mary Katrantzou the music suddenly changed to horror movie piano (we think it was from the Exorcist but frankly, we’re too frightened to look it up to confirm) but the weirdest was at Gareth Pugh, who had returned to London after years of showing his collection in Paris. At times the soundtrack sounded like we were actually still inside the womb; at others we heard menacing football chants. And it was all, inescapably, REALLY loud. Thankfully, the clothes were distractingly good, so we got through it. 

Gareth Pugh AW15 Catwalk Show

Celebrity Lip Reading
The HOH show is always a scream, and we were sitting right opposite the celebrity FROW as we waited for the travelator catwalk to start moving. It’s fascinating watching them sitting there before the show; Caroline Flack gave away the secret to her messy bob (she was constantly twisting the ends of her hair to perfection) and Pixie Geldof got very concerned when Alexa Chung turned up late, offering to call her to find out where she was (one of Team InStyle has a talent for lip reading: useful) and was doing her best to save her a seat. Aw. 

Alexa Chung and Pixie Geldof on the front row at House Of Holland

Caught In The Crush
Ever wondered what it’s like being Kendall Jenner? We got a taster after the Topshop Unique show on Sunday when we accidentally left the building with Kendall and Cara Delevigne (getting a close-up look at her new undercut hairstyle) and were herded out of Tate Britain past screaming teenage girls and paparazzi photographers. It definitely helps to be tall if you’re famous - we couldn’t really tell what was happening as we got swept along because we’re only 5ft 3". We also didn’t have a man waiting with an umbrella to escort us to our car... Oh, how the other half live. 

Guilty Feet Have Got No Rhythm At Jonathan Saunders
Mr Saunders’ show is always a highlight on the LFW schedule and Sunday evening’s show was totally worth missing Indian Summers on TV for. He told us afterwards that he looked back at his Central Saint Martins graduation collection and at Stanley Kubrick films for inspiration for this collection of clashing colours an optical prints, and we loved what we saw. But our favourite moment was when the music very unexpectedly changed to Wham’s Careless Whisper halfway through, much to the delight of the couple sitting opposite us who lost it completely and knew all the words. When we asked him why that choice of song, he simply answered 'because I’m happy'. 

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