WATCH: Dougie Poynter Talks Male Cleavage Rules #RACY

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Burberry hosted a super swanky soiree for London Collections: Men so our resident vlogger, Joshington Hosts chatted to Dougie Poynter, Suki Waterhouse, Jeremy Irvine and Tom Odell about lucky pants, party routines and major turn offs.

Dougie Poynter is no stranger to the male cleavage but his tips for nailing it? ‘Some chest hair and necklaces to distract from the boobs. Guys find it easier to get away with a nipple slip, right?’ The McFly star wasn’t the only one rocking out with his chest out, the singer, Tom Odell even unbuttoned another button for Joshington Hosts. HOW RACY! Talk about raising the temperature!

Next in the spotlight was the model turned actress, Suki Waterhouse who said the biggest turn off for her when it comes to men’s fashion is, ‘boat shoes with no socks!’ Alas Josh is guilty of such a crime and therefore Suki and Josh will never be a thing. Sad face. Suki also revealed that she is a massive fan of male boxers, such a massive fan, in fact that she even wears them herself. Who. Knew.

Speaking of pants Jeremy Irvine reveals to Josh that he has a lucky pair of pants, ‘but they are getting a bit holey. They tend to come out when I have something important on, it’s disgusting, really, isn’t it?’ Well Conor Maynard can top that Jeremy, ‘if I can find a clean pair, that’s my lucky pair.’

It actually turns out that Conor is quite the lol. When asked what his post night out routine was, well we were at a party after all, the singer replied with ‘surviving.’ Cleanliness also appears to be the topic of the day, as Dougie stated that, ‘making sure you are clean,’ sums up his getting ready routine.


Callum Turner, the new face of Burberry, also stopped by to discuss his new modeling career. It turns out Edie Campbell gave the War and Peace actor a lesson in posing. Just watch the video to find out, already!

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