Why #CoolToBeKind Is The Coolest Fashion Ad Campaign We've Seen In Ages

Why #CoolToBeKind Is The Coolest Fashion Ad Campaign We've Seen In Ages

The fashion retailer Browns is painting London town in positivity, just in time for London Fashion Week...

If you live in London then you've more than likely spotted #NotesToStrangers, those graphic coloured posters with positive messages or mantras randomly posted on telephone and electrical boxes. In brightly coloured hues like hot pink and flashy gold and with messages like 'You're Not Average' the posters have unsurprisingly gone viral on Instagram too.

Now, taking their visibility to the next level is fashion retailer Browns, who have commissioned the artist behind the posters, Andy Leek to takeover their store windows. For an entire week, kicking off today (15th of February) the Brixton based artist is hand-painting his huge notes of positivity on each window of Brown's South Molton Street and the Sloane Street stores's windows and changing-room mirrors as part of their #cooltobekindcampaign.



The artworks will be refreshed regularly and the brand are aiming for the campaign to spread messages of kindness to the public while also providing the perfect backdrop for #selfie fans.

'We’re having lots of fun doing what we do here at Browns and this #cooltobekind mantra has such deep roots in our business,' says Holli Rogers, CEO of Browns. 'I believe that energy spreads to our customers too and I hope that this campaign brings some joy to people’s lives, if even in a small and hopefully meaningful way. Connecting is such an important part of life!'

Upping the positivity, the brand will also be gifiting specially commissioned stickers featuring Andy's work such as 'Vibes Are Viral' and 'Be Yourself, It's Easier' to the public not just customers.



Check out the video below to find out more about Andy and to see his work on Browns exterior in action.



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