Brilliant brollies from London Undercover

Brilliant brollies from London Undercover
London Undercover

Shelter from a rainy day with London Undercover’s quirky and fashionable take on the humble umbrella

Ever since our fave pop-starlet Rihanna sang about her Umbrella-ella we've been searching for the holy grail of brollies. And we think we might just have found The One!

Renowned British designer Jamie Milestone has hit the nail on the head with his brilliant designs with quintessentially British themes, ranging from Fish & Chips or a full English Breakfast to less flamboyant but equally eccentric plaid, dogtooth and Union Jack designs.

The London Underground have already snapped him up to create a range based on the District Line and Paul Smith loves the designs so much that he'll be stocking them in his own stores.

Plus, just to keep our green side happy, these umbrellas have a recycled metal shaft and frame, canvas, handles and packaging.

What more could a girl ask for: practical, gorgeous, edgy, AND we're saving the world - and our hair - at the same time!

By Camilla Swift


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