BM Bijoux engagement rings

BM Bijoux engagement rings
BM Bijoux

Bespoke jewellers Bijoux solve your engagement ring decision dilemmas.

Looking for the perfect engagement ring can be a daunting prospect. In a world of so much choice there's one tried and tested jeweller that I can't recommend highly enough; Bond Street firm, BM Bijoux.

Marriage propals are tricky for the groom to be. I was lucky enough to be proposed to on the idillic island of Lombok. Whilst taking a stroll along the moonlit coastline, my now husband slid down on one knee and asked the million dollar question. After several seconds of complete shock I managed to gather myself together and accept his proposal. We both started reeling around with giddiness as he pulled a little box from his trouser pocket. No girl wants to admit it but the thought going through your mind at this point is "oh God, he has a ring, what do I do if I don't like it?".

To my surprise (well not really I knew he had good taste, he chose me!) the box slid open to reveal one of the most beautiful rings I had ever seen. That certainly sealed the deal!

The following day, whilst trying to digest the fact I was now 'engaged' I started with the quiz on how he had chosen such a perfect ring, where did he find the jeweller, where did the design come from etc. Despite what my friends say, I had never hinted towards a particular style of engagement ring, nor had I been into Tiffany's to try on an array and then subtly left pictures around the house. Apparently I had once used the word 'vintage' as something I looked for in an engagement ring. Well vintage in style was what I got in a beautiful radiant cut diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds around the main stone and along the band. It transpires that this near perfect object had been crafted by a genius jeweller Alan Baldwin from BM Bijoux. Alan has been in the business for 50 years this year and having worked for Cartier for 22 years he finally broke away and set up his own little venture with business partner Karen almost 12 years ago. They make the most amazing double act and the service you receive is second to none.

Alan had walked my husband through every minute detail of the ring process. They chose the stone together and then worked around it on the design trying out a miriad of options. Alan thought of everything from how the engagement ring would sit with the wedding band to the correct size of the stones surrounding the central diamond. Having worked in luxury jewellery for so many years you know a piece of art when you see one and this is what you get from Alan's expertise.

If you are in the market for an engagement ring because your future hubby has left the decision making to you, I highly recommend you give Alan a little visit. He can tailor the ring to your budget and works with you to create something bespoke that you will love forever. Alan obviously doesn't only work on engagement rings and as time goes on in ones marriage, you do hope your husband will keep BM Bijoux's details at the ready for that next big anniversary or birthday!!

By Claire Alves



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