Blake Lively's Maternity Style File (Aka A Lesson In How To Dress Your Bump)

Blake Lively's Maternity Style File (Aka A Lesson In How To Dress Your Bump)
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Now THIS is how you style out your bump...

Yessss Blake Lively, back at it again with the gorgeous maternity style! You’ve got to hand it to her, she knows how to dress a growing bump and she doesn't mess around on the red carpet. I mean, did you see that Frozen-inspired Cannes gown? Who else could pull off an icy blue outfit from Princess Elsa's wardrobe (a custom made cornflower blue Atelier Versace chiffon gown) and make it look SO adorable? Way to announce your impending second child. And what about that Juan Carlos Obandon red jumpsuit? How's that for sheer class?

Sure, she's had practice. The actress is currently expecting baby number two with husband, Ryan Reynolds, and if her first pregnancy taught us anything it's that she doesn't allow a burgeoning bump to get in the way of looking glam and chic on the red carpet.

Not to mention off it, too. Which is probably why the internet went bananas when reports of Lively's second pregnancy first hit the headlines: it means we get to swoon over even MORE divine maternity outfits. IT'S TOO MUCH. No seriously. She’s already rocked a lemon yellow floor-length gown – with a denim jacket. Who else could do Belle-inspired street style? We’re starting to notice a Disney theme here, too…

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We can't wait to see what glorious outfits she's got planned over the coming months. In the meantime, let's delve into the archives and pick out some of her best maternity looks. Who said pregnancy equals frumpy? It's all about showing off those curves and celebrating that growing bump. We may not have couture designers at our disposal - but that doesn't mean we can't all be inspired by Blake on the high street. If Lively can pull it off, you know what? So can we...


By Kat Lister

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