It's time to branch out from the classic sexy animal

It's time to branch out from the classic sexy animal

Just when we were stuck in the usual cat ears vs. some slightly-darker-shade-than-usual lipstick Halloween costume conundrum, all our sartorial woes have been solved – and, rather unexpectedly, by Sad Face Otter.

One of the funniest Twitter users, and source of reliable hilarity for hours of Saturday morning scrolling, has created a scientific and failsafe way to choose your PERFECT Halloween costume.

And did we say they’re original? Odds are you won’t rock up at your Halloween dinner or party and be faced with another ‘sexy flan’.

The equation is simple – chose the word corresponding to your month of birth, then the date … And let it work its magic...

E.g. August + 25th = Sexy Flan

If it’s your birthday on Halloween, lucky thing, YOU are a whoreish sandwich.

Sure, there’s the small issue of how you’d dress like a sexy flan or a whoreish sandwich, so we’ve found some inspo to get you started…

Alexa Chung was a Hamburgler back in 2013 so lose the fun burglar features and vamp it up a bit?

We never said it was easy, BUT looking for some inspo for the most now costume… This is it.

Continued below...

(And if you were born on the 9th April maybe just don’t play. You’re a sexy Donald Trump.)