Beyoncé Spent HOW MUCH On One Pair Of Heels?!

Beyoncé Spent HOW MUCH On One Pair Of Heels?!

Hint: you could probably buy the house of your dreams for the price Beyoncé paid for these heels... *sobs*

Beyoncé is one of the world's richest women—and people or that matter—so you can probably guess that anything she sets her heart on, swiftly becomes a reality. And her latest purchase is certainly no exception... 

After causing a stir amongst her fans by pouring champagne into a hot tub in a video that went viral a couple of months back (she's denied it was *actual* champers, FYI), she's caused the same commotion once again with her most recent buy, which makes any of our own guilty splurges look like small fry.

The songstress is known for her down-right brilliant music videos, and her latest splurge was on something that's set to feature pretty heavily in her next. 

Not doing anything by halves, the 34-year-old has shelled out a whopping £200,000 on one pair of heels, which are encrusted with more diamonds than a glass cabinet at Tiffany's and accentuated with 18-carat white gold. And here they are... 

Adorned with cute butterflies and pearl accents, they're definitely the shoes of fairy tales.

Queen Bey is said to have snapped up the heels—along with a matching £60,000 no less—from British designers House of Borgezie, who are said to be THRILLED that the star has chosen to wear their statement heels in her next music vid. Yep, they've officially MADE it. 

Speaking of his new-found celebrity customer, the owner of Borgezie, Chris Shellis, said: 'It’s the ultimate, Beyoncé’s one of those fantasy customers, if you want someone to model your creations, you can’t get any better than Beyoncé.' We hear you, Chris.

He went on to reveal that Beyoncé’s team asked for the heels months ago and all he knows is that they are set to be used in a video for an as-yet-unspecified song, which he claims 'should be out in autumn.' We'll be sure to keep an eye out for these bad boys though, to be fair, they'll be pretty hard to miss.

Now, excuse us while we fantasise about what £200,000 could have bought us...

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