Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez & Kim Kardashian Have A Sheer-Off Of Epic Proportions

Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez & Kim Kardashian Have A Sheer-Off Of Epic Proportions

J-Lo, Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian go head-to-head for the most risqué gown of the Met Gala 2015, but who managed to flash the most flesh? It's a close one to call...

The Met Gala is one of our favourite events in the A-list calendar because it's the one night the fashion rule book gets well and truly tossed out of the window, and you NEVER know what the stars are going to do when it comes down to their all important outfits. 

Basically the Oscars and Halloween of the fashion world all rolled into one, it's the one night a year when celebs can don pretty well whatever the choose as long as it fits in with the theme of the evening and hosted in honour of the Met's latest exhibition — China: Through the Looking Glass — we knew oriental embroidery and silk were going to be the order of the day. 

However as these things usually go some stars go completely off piste and wear, well, whatever the hell they please. And for the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé that was very little. 

While all three ladies wore extremely steamy ensembles and have all directly contributed to what could later be known as the great tit-tape shortage of 2015, which starlet should really be crowned the most risqué of the night? We give our verdict... 

Star: Kim Kardashian
Dress: Peter Dundas for Roberto Cavalli
Indecent Exposure Rating: 4/5
Our Verdict: While the crystal clusters around her 'special area' leave little to the imagination, the long sleeves and feather adorned train make this see-through gown practically demure. Well, for Kimmy anyway. A narrow miss for the girl who used her nakedness to break the Internet. 

Star: Jennifer Lopez
Dress: Versace
Indecent Exposure Rating: 3.5/5
Our Verdict: Jennifer Lopez definitely gets extra points for kind of sticking to the Chinese theme but that dragon is ultimately her downfall in the flesh-flashing stakes. Covering the majority of her bust, butt and belly button, this frock is PG compared to her competitors. There's always next year, J-Lo...

Star: Beyoncé
Dress: Givenchy
Indecent Exposure Rating: 5/5
Our Verdict: Now THIS is what we call sheer. Unlike her comrades whose sheer fabric had texture Bey's power-mesh dress is so see-through, if you squint it looks like those jewels are U-Hued to her very skin. Showing off some major cleavage and more than a glimpse of her derriere, we haven't seen this much A-list skin since Rihanna's CDFA ensemble. As the last guest to arrive at the Gala, Beyoncé knew her dress had to leave a lasting impression, and we reckon she may have succeeded... 

Yep, Beyoncé may have come out on top but we reckon all of these ladies have done the sheer trend serious justice. Now please excuse us while we renew our gym memberships, stat. 

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