Belly Buttons Are Back - And At Chanel Couture (Of All Places!)

Belly Buttons Are Back - And At Chanel Couture (Of All Places!)

Time to do some sit ups; Karl Lagerfeld has brought the naval back into style at Chanel

It’s a week of unexpected trends at couture in Paris; following Dior’s snazzy catsuits on the catwalk on Monday, Karl Lagerfeld had his models showing a LOT of midriff at Chanel today (Tuesday). We’re not talking the ribriff - that slightly easier area to bare that’s been popular for the past few season and handily covers up your paunch – oh no. This is full-on, sit-up-inducing, unashamed belly button exhibitionism.


This is all well and good if you’ve been working hard down the gym and using your Nutribullet every day, but it’s a pretty scary trend for the rest of us to be honest. It doesn’t mean that we can’t swoon over those beautiful clothes though, because if there’s one thing you’re meant to do at couture, it’s actually feel light headed at the sight of the incredible dresses on show. The workmanship that goes into hand-sewing all of those beautiful appliqué flowers really is a thing to marvel. And the chances of us actually getting to wear any of this clobber are about as slim as us actually being brave enough to parade around with our belly buttons out. So, all together now….SWOON!

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