Free The Nipple: Why Bella Hadid Really REALLY Doesn't Care

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Dare to bare like Bella!

Bella Hadid is certainly showing The Weeknd what he is missing recently by freeing the nipple at any opportunity she can get. In the process the model is giving us so much feminist inspiration in a post bra burning age. Hear this woman roar: opaque clothing is over and bras should be binned because in Bella’s world boobs need their breathing space. Here’s how you can bare the boob like Bella and feel all levels of empowerment at the same time...

Bras Are Barred

Even when one is attending a high society ball, bras should not be your plus one. The vibe to channel: racy renaissance princess. Attending the Dior Ball at couture fashion week, the middle Hadid wore a powder blue sheer gown with a barely there bodice. What it lacked for in fabric it made up for in conversation topics. In the words of the classic Mis-Teeq song, ‘its so so scandalous.’

Add Some Titillation To The Turtle Neck

Thought the turtleneck was reserved exclusively for prim and proper ladies? Think again! Here Bella shows how to be conservative and playful both at the same time. The trick to protecting your modesty is to slip on your over the knee boots and maximise the power of the mini skirt. Style yourself like Julia Roberts circa Pretty Woman, basically.

Use Emoji’s To Protect Your Modesty

Left your nipple daisies at home? Artistically use emojis. This makes the side boob seem practically conservative.

Side Boob OR Under Boob?

Quite simply in the words of Bella Hadid, 'both, at the same time!' Don't waste your opportunity to get some 360 degree airtime.

Christina circa Dirty Is Your Life Inspo

If you want to give the side boob/under boob/ nipple a night off crop tops are the way to go, because covering up can be the ultimate reveal on some occasions. Turn to Christina Aguilera for inspiration but chaps are passé so opt for low-slung trousers with lace up detailing. Deploy a give a sh*t attitude as well.

Tit Tape IS Your Best Friend

The only squad you need when tackling reveal and conceal is plenty of tit tape. This look was the greatest love letter to tit tape ever written.

Bring Sexy Back

Bored of baring the boob? Go for bum skimming hem lengths and make it all about the back-velage. The trick is to tactfully deploy slaggy dressing without getting the tag- always keep them guessing about what flesh you are going to flash next.

Finally, leave the prude at the door and go forth, feel empowered about your body and your sexuality!


If you could only train one part of your body for the rest of your life, what would be and why? My ****. [MUSIC] Welcome back to [UNKNOWN] with Joshington Hosts. And I can't quite believe we're backstage at the ****. I'm joined by Bella Hadid. Bella, welcome. Thank you. I'm Excited. Are you excited, you pumped? Am I more nervous about the VS show or this game? You've got two minutes, two minutes only to answer as many questions as possible. Let's go. What body part would you swap with another Victoria Secrets Angel? Kelly's ****. What if you could only train one part of your body for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? My ****. My ****. [LAUGH] How often do your train your ****? I mean recently, every day. So. Just killing it. It looks good. It looks great. Babes. Bringing it. What's your trademark dance move? No dance moves. No dance moves? You don't dance? I just like do a little. Just shimmy, just do a shimmy. What's the weirdest rumor you've ever heard about yourself? Weirdest rumor. I don't know, I don't know, I don't know, I don't know. If you can, [LAUGH] If you could Keep going Swap wardrobes with any other Victoria's Secret [UNKNOWN] who would it be, and why? Martha. Because she's just so fricking cute. What's your go to chat up line? What? Go to chat up line Chat up? Chat up lines, so if you were going to seduce a boy. Would you be like, "Hey boy?" Are you from Tennessee, because you're the only ten I see. I've never used it before, but I probably will now. What's the one thing you'd steal from your sister's wardrobe if you could? Her boots. She has the best shoes ever. What's the most annoying thing she's ever stolen from your wardrobe? She has this sweatshirt of mine and she won't give it back so What's the longest time you've ever gone between taking a shower? I shower every day Good babes I know You smell fresh as a daisy Thank you baby Thanks so much. Side boob or under boob? Both Both. At the same time? At the same time. Racy. Just like one little nipple cover. Who's your biggest girl crush? Gisele Yes. Or Kate. Either one. Either one. I'll take either. We're getting racy. What's your who's your dream drinking buddy? Time. Yeah time. You'll have to answer that question really quickly. You. [NOISE] I love that. Thanks so much, babe.
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