Why This Swimwear Campaign Has Given Us All The Beach Body Confidence We Need

Why This Swimwear Campaign Has Given Us All The Beach Body Confidence We Need

The #BeachBodyNotSorry campaign is exactly what we needed to take the fear factor out of slipping into our bikinis. Here's why it's so brilliant...

We've all been there — you're looking SO forward to the prospect of your summer hol that everything else on the run-up seems obsolete. Practically counting the seconds from the 30-days-to-go mark, you're unbelievably excited until it happens. You remember that spending a year shrouding your body away, you'll have to strip down to the minimum requirements of advised attire and hit the beach.

Why the word 'beach' fills us with fear is understandable to say the least. From the movies to advertising campaigns, we're constantly made to feel that if we don't have a taut Kardashian butt or impossibly perky boobs like Kate Upton, we just don't measure up. Sure, it sounds ludicrous, but it's a scenario that 95% of the female population will play out during the final weeks before her summer getaway again and again.

Cue last-ditch attempts to shed some pounds and tighten up which, inevitably, prove fruitless. Even if you do manage to lose a spot of weight (that, lets face it, you didn't need to in the first place), as soon as you get that piña colada in hand and a bowl of spaghetti in front of you, deep down you know it'll balance out and you'll be right back where you started on the scales.

So, are we in need of a refreshing take on beach body image? Hell yes! And, luckily for us, it's come just in time for holiday season.


No apologizing. No retouching. No rules. @DeniseBidot #BeachBodyNotSorry #NotSorry #Unretouched

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Swimwear brand Swimwear For All has just launched an amazing new campaign with one very simple aim — to get you ready for the beach, just as you are.

Enlisting the talents of major hottie, curvy model Denise Bidot, the brand unveiled its social and video campaign which sees Denise rock some of its most gorgeous new season bikinis and cossies. And, get this, the final film and pics are totally un-retouched. We don't know about you, but we think she looks INSANE.

Speaking about the campaign, which has already spread like wildfire on Twitter and Instagram respectively, the CEO of the brand Moshe Laniado said, "At Swimsuits For All, we believe that every female body is beautiful and every woman deserves to look and feel her best in a swimsuit".

"Denise embodies all of the ideals Swimsuits For All stands by. We are proud to work with such a gorgeous, confident woman inside and out, and know she will be a wonderful spokesperson for this campaign and for the brand."

Surprisingly Denise feels just as passionate about her new role as the company, and has said some things that'll ring true with you and, well, every other woman on the planet; "I think everyone has felt uncomfortable in a swimsuit in public at some point in their life," she said. "But it's all about acceptance and knowing that we are not all meant to look the same and that we were made exactly as we should be. Our individuality is what makes us, us." Hear, hear. 

We don't know about you but seeing Denise look so badass and beautiful on the beach in all of her unphotoshopped glory has given us the body confidence we need to strip down and *really* enjoy our hols. Check out the video in full below and you'll be the same...

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