Barcelona Fashion Week: What You Need To Know

Barcelona Fashion Week: What You Need To Know
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Traditionally it’s always been New York, London, Paris and Milan that set the trends for the seasons ahead, but nowadays the fashion crowd are widening their gaze to other emerging fashion capitals to determine what we should be wearing

Barcelona opens its doors to the world’s fashion editors each June/July (and January). A relatively new fashion week on the schedule (this being the 16th season), the city has a lot going for it to cement itself as one to watch out for. The catwalk stage for the models to stomp down is set at the old Olympic Park, nestled above the Barcelona hills. Far reaching views of the city and a warm thirty-degree heat already put’s the fashionistas in a excitable mood (trust me - there is nothing worse than running between shows in the rain!).

080 Barcelona Fashion Week has a good mix of internationally acclaimed names such as Mango and Desigual as well as newer and emerging labels such as Miriam Ponsa and Lebor Gabala displaying a fresh take on Summer inspired by the Mediterranean.

We’ve selected what we think are the key looks from our favourite shows below. For more information and to view the full collections, please view here.

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