BAG TREND: Bags get the downsize treatment

BAG TREND: Bags get the downsize treatment

It’s time to swap your oversized bags in favour of sensible alternatives

Sit up and take note ladies (that’s if your posture isn’t permanently crippled), because it’s time to ditch those insanely oversized totes in favour of smaller, sensible - and we reckon - more stylish alternatives.

The Daily Mail has today reported that us ladies are now lugging less around in our handbags. They are, in fact, up to 57% lighter! WOW, that’s a lot less room for our make-up, perfume, Blackberry, snacks and shoe-swaps we hear you sigh. How ever will we cope?

Well, there’s no need to worry as smartphones such as the iPhone and miniature MP3 players have taken a huge weight off our shoulders making room for the important things in life such as our Vaseline pots and Chanel lippies.

Katie Holmes is a reformed oversized bag addict, seen here (top left) in 2007 with a red Hermes Birkin sack that was more sturdy-suitcase rather than chic arm-candy. Katie has now gone cold turkey ditching the enormous, back-breaking bag in favour of smaller totes and satchels.


Save those shoulders and stop detracting attention from your outfits by swapping your XXL bags for smaller and sweeter alternatives.

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