Armani says thank you with a fragrance

Armani says thank you with a fragrance

Giorgio Armani's latest scent 'Idole d'Armani' is a celebration of the women who have influenced his life.

Over the years, it's fair to say that Giorgio Armani has probably had a fair number of muses sashay in and out of his life.

"He wanted to do a real tribute to femininity, a big thank you to all the women who have inspired him over the years," Jean-Pierre Charriton, president of Armani Parfums worldwide told WWD. (And we'll bet he's including long-time pal Victoria Beckham in that line-up of ladies.)

The resulting spicy, floral scent was designed to echo the sensuality and independence of these muses, and contains an exotic fusion of Sicilian Clementine, pear, ginger, Egyptian jasmine, saffron, loukoum rose and patchouli.

"With this fragrance, I hope I'm going to find a clientele that will be more faithful and will stay with the fragrance, a scent that will become a classic," the designer has said.

Armani also designed the bottle himself - an Art-deco inspired circular glass decanter, with rivets along the side, created to reflect light in such a way that it appears to emit radiance.

Idole d'Armani is set to launch in September, accompanied by a huge print and TV campaign.


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