Are YOU Offended By This Cara Delevingne And Tom Ford Ad?

Are YOU Offended By This Cara Delevingne And Tom Ford Ad?

Cara Delevingne has found herself in, err, hot water over her steamy Tom Ford campaign, with people even calling for the ads to be banned — but is it *really* all that bad?! We'll let you decide...

Cara Delevingne may have called temporary time on her modelling career to focus on acting for the time being but she's once again found herself back in the headlines for it thanks to the unveiling of her latest advertising campaign — for acclaimed boundary-pusher Tom Ford — with people calling for it to be banned. 

After a HUGE poster was hung from the corner of Brick Lane depicting the 22-year-old model laying naked in a pool of water clutching the label's Black Orchid fragrance, Twitter practically went into a meltdown with patrons and by-standers sharing their dismay at the impossible-to-miss photograph with some claiming it should be taken down. 

In fact, the backlash went as far as the The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which received detailed complaints from concerned members of the public that the poster objectified women and was on display near religious buildings.

Others have since campaigned that the advert should be completely banned from being at all near schools or anywhere young children congregate (such as parks and playgrounds) as the image was apparently too sexualised. However, the ASA has some different views and, in a turn for the books, is actually siding with Tom Ford. Who'd have thought, huh? 

The advertising watchdog decided the ad wasn't sexually explicit and doesn't need to be removed. It pointed out that most of Cara's body was underwater and 'although her buttocks were visible, they were presented in virtual profile and not in a sexual way.'  We, for one, can't help but agree. 

The ASA added the poster was 'sensual and sexually suggestive' rather than 'sexually explicit', which does means it shouldn't appear within 100 metres of a school, but luckily for Tom there wasn't one within that distance. Phew.

However, this definitely isn't Tom Ford's first run-in with the public due to the nature of his infamously steamy campaigns — in fact, we're still shocked that some of these bad boys that he commissioned for YSL, Gucci and his namesake label even made it to print!

Oh Tom, what are you like...

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