Aquazzura Heels: The High Street Lookalikes On Our Wish List

Aquazzura Heels: The High Street Lookalikes On Our Wish List

Just as we were considering remortgaging our house for a pair of Aquazzuras, the high street answered our prayers...

Who doesn't want a pair of Aquazzura shoes, whether they can afford them or not?

Eating baked beans, student-style, for a month, risking not being able to pay your rent, just not having a summer holiday… We’re considering all options. And no wonder, when everywhere we look (well, Instagram and the ‘side bar of shame’) some celeb or blogger is showing us just how great life would be if we actually did have a pair.

Then, we discovered the Aquazzura lookalike flats. While we’d have had the genuine article, if we had our own way, we were thrilled to see Office and Topshop get it spot on with similar pairs – saving us approximately £400. 

Aquazzura Christy Leather Flats, £528.66, Forward By Elyse Walker

Lauren Lace Up Flats, £95.49, Jessica Buurman

One of our favourite footwear finds has got to be American shoe brand, Jessica Buurman. Sure, you've got to pay P&P, but with its Aquazzura-esque heels coming in at around £90, we're really not complaining. 

Aquazzura Wild Thing Leather Sandals, £490, Matches and Pom Pom Tassel And Fringe Sandals, £87.37, Jessica Buurman

Finally, our high street go-tos have done it again. Just when we were deciding whether £490 was tad too much to spend on a pair of heels that - especially given our daily uniform of Stan Smiths or Birkenstocks - we probably won’t wear all that often, we spotted Office’s new Aquazzura-inspired drop. Check these out… 

Aquazzura Amazon Suede Pumps, £653.97, Forward By Elyse Walker

Pasha Ghillie Point Court, £75, Office

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