It's April Fools' Day People, But How Many Have YOU Fallen For?

It's April Fools' Day People, But How Many Have YOU Fallen For?

Oh April Fools' Day. You tricksy devil you. On this day where everything is topsy-turvy, how many April Fools have you fallen for...?

April Fools' Day has rolled around again and yes, *hands up* team Instyle have already fallen for a few.

But how many did you spot on this morning's commute? Here are some of the best April Fools' Day pranks we've seen thus far...

River Island's 'Tote In A Coat'

In response to the 5p carrier bag charge, River Island 'launched' their practical yet stylish 'Tote In A Coat'. Featuring an attached tote cleverly hidden away in a discreet arm pocket, this bomber is one way to combat that whole rummaging around for a carrier at the Tesco check-out debacle. We actually think this idea is pretty genius...

Tatiana Karelia's 'Hair Extensions For Dogs'

Available in 6 shades, these special doggy hair pieces will give Fido instant fash' appeal. Come on, don't tell us you HAVEN'T tried your clip-on extensions out on your pooch before. They look rad right?

Ted Baker's 'Edible Bag'

It was only a matter of time before this was invented right? Non-stick and marshmallow flavoured, this tote will banish those early evening bus munchies altogether. Nom nom.

Hunter's Electropop Band

Wellie superstars Hunter 'launched' their very own electropop band today, right in time for festival season. 'The Perfect Storms' will be headlining several major festivals this summer, and have been signed to the brand's brand new label Hunter Music. Expect a headlning performance with an as yet 'undisclosed' act...

Illamasqua's ' Anti-Troll Spray'

100% guaranteed to rid yourself of any unwanted internet trolls. And it makes your skin look super hydrated. Block the negativity people...


BMW's BMWxDrive Baby Boots

Available in both blue and pink, these booties will adapt to any terrain to ensure trouble free toddling. Broom-broom boots for your baby. Genius.

Lyst's Rainbow Pom Pom Chickens

Rising to the recent pom pom demand, Lyst have started breeding rainbow chickens that lay perfect pom pom eggs...


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