Anya Hindmarch’s Fashion Flakes Are Gr-r-reat!

Anya Hindmarch’s Fashion Flakes Are Gr-r-reat!

Anya Hindmarch collaborates with Waitrose selling limited edition fashion cereal boxes in November

Waitrose better prepare for a stampede after announcing it is launching two limited edition Kellogg’s cereal boxes designed by Anya Hindmarch this week.

Transforming the supermarket aisle into an edible catwalk, the cereal is inspired by Hindmarch’s AW14 collection, which aims to take ‘everyday objects’ and treat them ‘in an extraordinary way’.

You can say that again: the two limited edition designs have re-branded Kellogg’s Frosties as ‘Fashion Flakes’ and Kellogg’s Cornflakes as (are you ready for this?) ‘Handbags at Dawn Flakes’. We love it!

Speaking about the collaboration, designer Hindmarch said: ‘It was a natural progression to develop actual cereals with Kellogg’s and Waitrose. Craftsmanship and humour are at the heart of everything we do so an opportunity to do something a little unexpected and fun always appeals to me.’

The boxes will retail at £2.49 each but will be available on a '2 for £4' offer throughout November. It's handbags at dawn flakes, ladies. Race you to the front of the queue!

By Kat Lister

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