Another day, another dose of Chanel envy

Another day, another dose of Chanel envy

Alexa Chung and Diane Kruger elongate those endless pins in the sweetest of Chanel booties.

Another day, another Chanel desire. Yesterday we reported on Sienna and Claudia's exclusive Chanel T-shirt only to wake this morning to see Alexa Chung, back in Le Smoke sporting a pair of what can only be described as dribble worthy Chanel shoe-boots. After the initial wave of sickening envy we had a sudden thought - haven't we seen these Chanel treasures before?

Yes, Indeedy we have. Diane Kruger, the girl with a wardrobe to literally die for rocked the exact same pair at Cannes last month. The tulle embroidery and grosgrain bows make these shoes a timeless, statement piece and the good news is, unlike the T-shirt they are available for us non-A-listers to buy. Unfortunately they do cost a whopping £1,000, but Chanel doesn't come cheap and believe us when we say - it's money well spent.

By Kat Webster


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