Amal Clooney's Golden Globes Look Cost How Much?

Amal Clooney's Golden Globes Look Cost How Much?

We've done the math to calculate just exactly how much Amal Clooney's red carpet debut look cost...

The Dress

For her awards ceremony red carpet debut Amal opted for a black silk crepe one-shoulder Christian Dior Haute full length couture gown with a sweeping train. Now couture isn't cheap, especially when it's Christian Dior. Prices tend to start at $30,000 but it's likely Amal borrowed rather than bought the dress herself.

The Gloves

According to her husband George, Amal's full length white silk gloves were her own: "She sewed them this morning, she's very handy,' George joked with reporters on the red carpet. As much as we would love to believe that Amal had the sewing machine out on the kitchen table that morning, we very much doubt it's true. Instead, we reckown her wardrobe covers all eventualities including opera evenings so she just happened to have to gloves to hand. We found this similar pair on Amazon for £14.95. Bargain!

The Clutch

Amal's white  clutch was also by Christian Dior Haute Couture that retails for £1400.  We guess she went for the box-shape as it's roomy enough to carry all her essentials. But most importantly it was the ideal backdrop to highlight the black button badge emblazoned with the phrase "Je suis Charlie" that she pinned in support of the victims of the Paris terrorist attacks.


The Earrings

Watch any footage of Amal working the red carpet and you'll be dazzled by her amazing 29.62 cascading diamond drop earrings from Harry Winston. Set in platinum, they ring up at tills at an excess of $600, 000. No wonder she was doing a lot of non discreet hair swishing! 

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Total Cost

After totting up the approx prices and converting dollars to pound sterling we've come to the conclusion that Amal's look would have cost on average  £418,792.43. Ok we admit it's a lot, but if you're a Hollywood A-lister at one of the most important red carpet cermonies of the year it probably seems like a bargain. 



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