So Amal Clooney Has The 'Hugest Sense Of Humour' When It Comes To Clothes...

So Amal Clooney Has The 'Hugest Sense Of Humour' When It Comes To Clothes...

Italian fashion designer Giambattista Valli only has praise for Mrs Clooney and her approach to style.

Amal Clooney is one of those very lucky people who always manage to make the right choice when it comes to clothes.

Since being propelled into the spotlight, the human rights lawyer has impressed us with perfectly put together looks on a number of occasions.

From the wide-legged Stella McCartney trousers she wore in Venice last September to the military-style khaki jumpsuit she donned for an outing in London in June, Amal’s style triumphs are seemingly countless.

Oh and how could we possibly forget about the pink tweed skirt set by Oscar De La Renta that she rocked for a meeting in New York back in April. Outfit envy, anyone? 

It turns out that we’re not the only ones to have been won over by George Clooney’s 37-year-old glamorous wife - Giambattista Valli loves her approach to fashion too.

'You would have to meet her privately to know just how much more there is to her,’ he told Sunday Times Style.

'Her curiosity, her boundless passion, but also that she has the hugest sense of humour with the way she dresses. She enjoys it but she doesn't take it too seriously. I adore her.’

The Italian fashion designer seems to have struck up a real bond with the beautiful brunette, having created outfits for her to wear on the weekend of her wedding to the Hollywood actor. She was also snapped sporting a pair of his geometric-print bottoms earlier this year. 

Giambattista reckons that Amal’s love for trying out different looks and trends could be linked to the fact she’s been blessed with brains as well as beauty. 

He continued: ’You know intellectual is a state of mind, not the way you dress. The most intellectual women I have ever met in my life just want to have fun when it comes to their clothes.’

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