Would You Like This Alpaca To Witness Your Wedding?

Would You Like This Alpaca To Witness Your Wedding?

Want an alpaca to witness your wedding? This fluffy dude is here to help...

A hotel Japan is offering an alpaca witness for your wedding ceremony.

For the cost of £250 the friendly-looking chap (no confirmation on what his name is, we'll call him Mr Alpaca) will walk down the aisle to witness your nuptials. 

Here comes the... alpaca

If you like he'll even put on a bow tie. 

Or not - he's pretty relaxed about it. 

Already a popular wedding venue, the hotel Epinard Nash in Tochigi - where the alpaca wedding witness service is offered - is also conveniently located next door to a zoo, handily keeping travel costs for the alpaca down to a minimum.

And no, there are no religious or symbolic reasons for having an alpaca at your wedding in Japan. Japanese brides and grooms just happen to think they're really cute. 

We happen to agree. 

'You may kiss the alpaca'

It's not just alpacas which make popular wedding witnesses. Having an animal at your ceremony is a growing trend these days. Whether it's a dog bridesmaid or an owl ring bearer, here are a few other ideas we love... 



A growing number of couples who have a dog together choose to include their pooch in the ceremony as a ‘bridesmaid’ or 'usher'. The dress code? Flowery collars for the bitches, bow ties for the dogs. 

Red Fly Studio

Tana Photography

Vue Photography


Provided the journey is short and the weather is good, this is a slightly more unorthodox way to arrive at your ceremony. No bad ‘bridle’ puns allowed.  

Kristin Sweeting Photography


Got a laid-back black cat? Bring him along as a good luck charm...


I mean come on...



Our personal favourite: the owl ring bearer. 



Obviously it's not advisable to have the sheep come into the actual church, but if you’ve got a farmer nearby who can be persuaded to herd them into shot you could create a scene of instant bucolic wedded bliss. Want to go one step further? Do a Tim Walker and dye the sheep pink – worth running that one by the farmer first though. 



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