Cargo Pants? Chunky Highlights? The 7 Style Rules We Learned From All Saints

Cargo Pants? Chunky Highlights? The 7 Style Rules We Learned From All Saints

*Sigh* Oh All Saints. We're SO glad you're back...

All Saints are back guys, and boy are we happy about it.

Cast your mind back. It's the '90s. You've just caught All Saints' performance of 'Never Ever' on Top of The Pops...and your mind, has been blown. Those baggy pants. Those chunky highlights. It was like you suddenly had four new fash' role-models with a style that could realistically be lifted without looking like too much of a twit.

The Spice Girls-esque Buffalo platform trainers didn't work (you just wound up bouncing off pavements into the road, embarassing)...but THIS could.

Yep, Melanie Blatt, Shaznay Lewis and sisters Nicole and Natalie Appleton were like the style game-changers of the '90s scene, fusing oversized sportswear with sexy top action for intstant 'cool-but-hot-for-down-the-pub' game.

So in honour of All Saints' spectacular reformation, we take a look at the 7 style lessons we learned from them back in the day...

1. That urban ski wear was totally a thing

Communications lecture or fresh from the slopes? Your MASSIVE jacket kept everyone guessing...

2. The mesh tops

The hint of '90s sexiness that was completely acceptable to wear down the pub. You could (and did) make your own out of a pair of your mum's support tights.

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3. Cargo pants

The essential piece of All Saints garment gold, these babies were the backbone of any fan wardrobe. The lower slung the better. If your Brass Monkey boxer elastic was showing them your game was very, VERY strong.


4. The pinstripe suiting

Oh girls, hold the lights. The baggy pinstripe trousers and hanky-hem top combo? The jaunty trilby hats? It was the stuff of hen party dreams. Hands up who owned a pinstripe trilby at uni...oh, that'll be all of you.

5. The gratuitous midriff

Hey, All Saints taught us that if your pants were baggy enough, a little bit of midriff was 100% ok. Plus, it gave you ample opportunity to flash that new butterfly belly-button bar you picked up in Tenerife.

6. The head-to-toe JJB

There was only one rule here. There were no rules. Wear as MUCH leisure gear as humanly possible. If you owned a padded gilet, then you were basically the missing Appleton sister.

7. The chunky highlights

Nothing like a bit of stripey blonde to help accentuate those violet-tinted sunglasses eh Nicole? And we all followed suit.

8. The long jackets

All Saints loved to rock a long leather jacket over a crop top...with cargo pants. Obvs. 

9. And finally, the team spirit

Come on, which other pop group rocked ice-hockey chic? Although, it looks like Natalie missed the footwear memo... 


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