All hail the checked shirt

All hail the checked shirt

Get in on Katie Holmes's favourite casual look as junior fashion editor, Charlie Moore, reveals the wardrobe workhorse.

As August turns into a predictably un-sunny and rather wet month I’m finding myself with a major wardrobe malfunction. I’ve been fooled into thinking it looks gorgeous and sunny outside so pull on a flimsy T-shirt dress, only to find myself rooting through the InStyle fashion cupboard for a cosy sweater come lunchtime.


The perfect antidote to this – a checked shirt. Look how street chic Katie Holmes looks in hers (left). Not only are they relatively cheap but also these wardrobe wonders are the real workhorse of your closet as you can:

Layer over your summer vest or T-shirt and shorts combo as a cute cover up

Layer over a plain T-shirt dress

Wear with rolled up boyfriend jeans for a mannish nod

Tuck into high-waisted flares for a 70s Charlie’s Angels concept

Tuck into skinny or straight leg jeans and wear with classic stilettos to dress it up

Get on to the whole layering thing early and layer up a plain jersey scarf or knitted neck warmer.

Do a Dsquared2 - buy an oversized men’s version, cinch with a belt and wear as a dress. (I always loved that episode of Sex in the City where Carrie falls into the lake with Mr Big and changes into his white shirt to wear as a dress.)

Roll up the sleeves, un-button and turn up the collars for extra styling potential.

If you haven’t already bought one you're missing a trick... The best ones I’ve seen are from Uniqlo (£19.99 and are flannel so are super cosy,), Boden (£45, brushed cotton so have the stroke ability factor) and Isabel Marant (I’m currently trying to track these ones down from the press day I saw them at).

Happy shirt shopping!

By Charlie Moore


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