Alexa Chung Has Officially Brought School-Girl Pigtails Back

Alexa Chung Has Officially Brought School-Girl Pigtails Back

Alexa Chung sat FROW-side at Topshop this afternoon and while her ensemble was to die for, we can't stop thinking about her super-sweet 'do...

Alexa Chung is officially back where she belongs; back on British soil, at London Fashion Week and sitting on the Topshop Unique FROW, just in case you were in any doubt...

True to form, the 30-year old writer and style maven rocked a seriously on-point ensemble consisting of a thinly knitted yellow roll-neck top, a cool leopard print skirt (that you can buy from Topshop here, just FYI...), her signature comfy pumps and a kooky milk-carton clutch. 

While we'll no doubt be replicating her look as soon as possible, there's one piece of her get-up that we can steal right off the cuff, and that's her super-cute 'do. 

While we definitely didn't see school-girl pigtails becoming a trend this season, you can bet your Mulberry on the fact that now Alexa's given them her stylish seal of approval, the rest of the fash pack will soon to follow suit. 

To get her look, simply part your tresses into two sections and work each side into a plait that rests over your ear. Once you're done twisting and looping and you've secured your braid in place with a hair band, gently pull out fine sections from the plait to recreate Alexa's seriously cool, undone look. 

For extra style points, we recommend finishing your sweet plaits with ribbon just like Alexa, who has cleverly matched the colour of her bows to that of her statement arm-candy. 

Yep, she's just that good. Nice work, Alexa Chung... 

By Maxine Eggenberger

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