Alexa Chung's Collaboration With Ugg Boots Is Not To Be Missed

Alexa Chung's Collaboration With Ugg Boots Is Not To Be Missed

Alexa Chung has single-handedly made UGGs cool again

Get ready for the best things to happen to your feet since the Mini Bailey Button Boot. UGG is partnering with Alexa Chung to launch the Classic 2.0 Boot and you better believe Chung is bringing along some of her cool street style cred.

The campaign is shown through a series of portraits of women who work within the creative industry and also happen to be close friends with Chung. The photos have an inspirational vibe that celebrates individual style and a modern wardrobe. Like Chung, the campaign is comfortable and cool. All portraits were shot by photographer Ben Rayner.

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'I've always appreciated classic items of clothing, and always been drawn to things that have a perennial appeal and I would say the UGG boot possesses that quality,' Chung says of the collaboration.

'I loved art directing for UGG as it gave me the opportunity to work alongside and marry together some of the people in my life I find most inspiring with a team of talented pals to capture both their spirit and the easy going nature of the brand.'

Watch out for the cool partnership this Autumn 2016.

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