Let's Talk About The Ab Fab Costumes...

Let's Talk About The Ab Fab Costumes...

Designer Rebecca Hale discusses what it's like to dress Patsy and Eddy

It didn’t seem possible that the fashion industry could get more excited for a film than Zoolander 2, but Ab Fab — with the hype, the cast, the insane cameos — has done it.

Apart from the Bolly and the ‘sweetie, darlings’, what we're most majorly psyched for are the costumes — created by designer Rebecca Hale, who also worked on the series which aired between 1992-2012.

Patsy and Eddie are ALL about Jean Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood and Stella McCartney wow pieces, and then there's Bubbles... just keep an eye out for that oversized specs dress.

Hale answers all the questions you’ve had about the most long-awaited fash film of the year…

1. What were you most excited about working back on Ab Fab?

The prospect of working with Jennifer and Jo.

2. What was your inspiration for the movie outfits?

I wanted to celebrate, first and foremost, British Fashion in all its glory, and to celebrate the up and coming stars of the future who are not necessarily known world wide ….so the big names as well as the people who have either just come out of college or have been in the business for only a couple of years.

3. How would you describe Eddy and Patsy's style?  

Eddy will always choose to go with whatever is the hottest new trend but she always mixes it up with the old hippy form within.

Patsy has a style that has remained the same for eternity … she is classic tailoring mixed up with rock’n’roll and a tiny bit of alley cat.

4. What about Bubbles and Saffy?

I raised the bar with Bubble slightly, as I wanted her to be a bit more out there, so I approached Vin and Omi, Yasmeen Uddin and Sibling.

5. How has the characters’ style changed since the TV series?

There is a lot of 90’s retro stuff around, which I have incorporated in the way I accessorised the girls … but fashion is much less defined in the sense that people can be far more individual these days.

6. What's it like working with Jennifer and Joanna?

I think it has been possibly one of the most enjoyable experiences of my career.

7. Do Jennifer and Joanna get involved in choosing their options?

The girls are totally involved. They really know their characters so I follow their lead.

8. Does the Ab Fab movie compare to anything you’ve worked on before?

No, never.

9. With Ab Fab partnering with Diet Coke for the movie, what's your idea of the perfect Diet Coke break? 

An all-night fashion party!

10. What are your tips for recreating the Ab Fab wardrobe? 

Anything goes, be bold and do not be frightened about looking ridiculous

11. Do you think Ab Fab works as well a film?

I think it works well in both formats  … everyone is really excited, the love for those girls is immense.

12. What was the biggest challenge for you working on the movie?

Prepping a movie when all the fashion weeks were being held and we could not get hold of anyone.

13. What do you think of those jazzy Diet Coke bottles with Eddie and Patsy?


14. What advice would you give to those looking for a career in costume design?

Go to a lot of movies and theatre, work in a costume house and see how other designers work.

15. Who are your favourite designers right now? 

Westwood, JW Anderson, Giles & Celine.

16. What fashion trends should we be looking out for this season?

Make your own trend!

To celebrate Diet Coke’s partnership with the highly anticipated ‘Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie,’ the iconic soft drinks brand has unveiled new limited edition, specially branded Ab Fab Alu bottles – in stores now! Currently available in Ocado, Selfridges, Liberty London and Boots stores nationwide, they’re just as fab as you imagined, sweetie darling.

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