Jeans That Recharge Your Phone? Yes, Really…

Jeans That Recharge Your Phone? Yes, Really…

Calling all denim fanatics. Say #Hello to the latest jeans to revolutionize your wardrobe.

Ever had that problem when your phone battery dies whilst you’re out and about and there’s not a plug socket in site? We hear you. However dead battery blues may be a thing of the past thanks to denim super brand Joe’s Jeans.

Their latest denim launch features patent-pending pockets for your iPhone plus a slim line (and super discrete) battery pack that connects via a USB cord directly into your smart phone. Meaning you can now charge your phone from anywhere, anytime. We know, right? Minds. Blown.

The best part is these wonder trousers are also available in four different washes in their Mid-Rise Skinny style (grey, black, distressed washed indigo and indigo) and can be yours for £120 – minus the battery pack which can be purchased separately. Can you say #Hello? The best part about Joe Jean’s is that the techy addition is totally hidden. So wave goodbye to any premonitions of an oversized battery pack sliding back your backside. The reality is far more chic and being connected has never looked better.

But this isn’t the first time that a technological breakthrough has promised to revolutionized our wardrobe - Google announced back in June it was teaming up with Levi’s for Project Jacquard; creating wearable technology that would be gesture interactive. In other words this meant your new trews would have the power to send data and display information from a nearby smart phone. Sounds complicated? Yup. We thought so too. However over two months later, we’ve yet to hear much more on the announcement or be given a prospective launch date…Where as Joe’s jeans are ready to buy now. So really, for us, it’s a no brainer. Either way, we’re totally charged.


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