9 Emojis We Really Wish Existed

9 Emojis We Really Wish Existed

Hooray for the arrival of feminist emojis! Here's some more we think are sorely missing from the mix.

1) Green-eyed monster face

How best to convey our raging jealousy about our friend's new limited edition suede biker jacket? The heart-eyed one looks too friendly, the angry face too unfriendly. Here's our solution:

2) Fashion DIY

This says 'check out the Marques Almeida makeover I've just given my jeans' in one emoji - handy if you're short of time. We think you could also apply this to pretty much any wardrobe DIY project.

3) Sofa night watching Netflix in my onesie

For those Friday evenings when you're so wiped out from the week you just want to collapse on the sofa in your comfiest single garment outfit with a glass of wine and House of Cards.

4) Payday

The international end of the month symbol for 'I'm RICH!! (temporarily, after which I will rue all those rounds of drinks I bought thinking I was the Sultan of Brunei)' NB: this one would also come in handy for lottery winners and oligarchs.

5) Ow ow OW these shoes are trying to kill me

When you've been at a wedding all day, it's now 11.30pm and your poor old trotters are burning from heel to toe. Taxi!

6) Trainers

These took a while to join the party! The selection of clothing emojis used to be shamefully scant as it is, but thankfully Apple recognised our love of comfy kicks and brought in the white trainer (so on trend). This could also work on one of those smug weekend exercise snaps for the 10K-before-breakfast brigade.

7) Champagne!

We saw this coming!!! I mean come on - we had coffee, beer, red wine, vodka martini and a tropical-looking orange concotion. But no fizz? What was wrong with them? More often than not it's prosecco fo us, but this one could be applied to either, or in fact any sort of celebratory scenario.

8) I got into the party and you did not

For the humble braggers among you who scored the hot party pass and the dancing lady / streamer / happy face emoji just won't cut it.

9) Bacon

Check Instagram on a weekend and it's practically a ticker tape parade of artfully filtered brunches. A bacon emoji has surely got to get a look in here hasn't it? Cara Delevingne, celeb patron saint of bacon, will thank us for it. It looks like this could happen in 2017...

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