6 Times Game Of Thrones Season 5 Wasn't Totally Depressing (Because We Need Cheering Up)

6 Times Game Of Thrones Season 5 Wasn't Totally Depressing (Because We Need Cheering Up)

Spoiler alert! If you haven't seen the OMG WTF GOT moments from last year's finale (or the rest of the season), look away now!

Let's be honest, Game Of Thrones is never exactly a barrel of laughs but for Season 5, writers David Benioff, Dan Weiss and never forgetting the puppet master himself, George R. R. Martin (because all epic writers have double initials) really outdid themselves in the depressing stakes.

From Sansa's creepy Many Faced God missions to an entire ice cold army of the dead raising their ugly heads at the Wall, and somehow even more key characters biting the dust, Season 5 was more miserable than Sansa Stark on her wedding day.

So, all in all, a bit of a bummer. BUT, as always with GOT, in between the devastating lows, there were a few well placed moments that restored our hope in humanity and, well, life itself. Because yes, our emotional stability is worryingly entwined with how each episode plays out.

Forget the jaw-dropping gore fest, these are the Season 5 Game Of Thrones moments that had us cracking a smile (at least for a few seconds anyway)...

Grey Worm and Missandei's Romance

Could this be the most frustrating romance ever? We know it's easy to get distracted by the Unsullied leader's moody good looks and faultless loyalty to Daenerys, but every time Missandei throws him that wistful look, we can't help but shout at our screens, 'He's missing his meat and two veg!' Just us?

Princess Myrcella and Prince Trystane Sort Of Actually Liking Each Other

A politically informed arranged marriage with a happy ending? We knew it was too good to be true. Thanks to Ellaria's poisoned (and slightly inappropriate) farewell kiss to Cersei and Jaime's golden locked daughter Myrcella, this could be yet another romance that ends in disaster. However, before her untimely assassination, Myrcella totally had the hots for her husband to be Prince Trystane. Tall, dark and handsome, we imagine she fell in love with his brains…

Samwell's Cheeky Grin

Our favourite moment of the entire season has to be a toss up between Samwell finally getting it on with Gilly and the bashful look he gave Jon as he let slip his recent ascent to manhood. It's times like this when we really remember the importance of the Night's Watch - to be lads and chat about getting with girls whilst wearing badass black cloaks. Obvs.

Davos Taking It Upon Himself To Be Princess Shireen's Dad

Stannis may be a boss when it comes to hardcore, emotionally bereft political decisions, but that doesn't exactly make for a great father figure. So when Davos, who is actually capable of relating to another human being, took it upon himself to be the only person who cared whether a small girl got taken into battle or not, it gave us all of the feels. We can't even talk about the stag figurine he hand carved for her without tearing up. Tissues please!

Daenerys Using Drogon As Her Own Private Jet

One word - dragons. DRAGONS! Sorry… If Season 5 left us being like 'Whaaaaaaat?' about more than a few possible deaths/frankenstein style resurrections/exactly where Tommen's been this whole time if not trying to get his own mother and wife out of prison (we digress), then it made the dragon situation pretty damn clear. Daenerys finally lived up to her name and The Mother Of Dragons hopped on the newly returned Drogon leaving a mass of death and destruction in her wake. Well this is Game Of Thrones. Every GOT geek's cheesy grin made what we can only imagine was hella expensive CGI well worth the expense. We may have punched the air...

Tyrion Generally Being Tyrion

Kills his girlfriend, shoots his dad with a crossbow, gets kidnapped, talks his way out of slavery and becomes advisor to his family's greatest enemy. Classic Tyrion we'd say. One of the only original characters to survive this long, which is impressive considering just how much of the Arbor's finest he's imbibed, we're hoping Tyrion sticks around for a while, if only for more lines like this, 'Chop off my head, well my final days were interesting.' What a lad.

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