5 Reasons We’re Watching Broadchurch

5 Reasons We’re Watching Broadchurch

Never let it be said that InStyle only watches TV shows about fashion - we're addicted to Broadchurch again

Let’s get one thing straight. Just because anoraks are cool this season, it doesn’t mean we’re swooning over the abundance of them worn for purely practical reasons on the beaches of Broadchurch. If there’s one thing we won’t be doing on InStyle.co.uk, it’s a ‘Get The Broadchurch Look’ feature, or a beauty story called ‘How To Get Windswept Hair’. Mad Men it ain’t, but we’re not THAT shallow, and we are still hooked on ITV’s blockbuster show. Here’s why.

1. The new kinda hot bad guy

Just as we’ve got over how wrong it was to fancy Jamie Dornan in The Fall, along comes dashing James D’Arcy, AKA The New Baddie (or is he?) Lee Ashworth. Every episode we look forward to his figure looming suspiciously on the horizon, even though we shouldn’t. And David Tennant doesn't look too shabby either.

2. Chloe Latimer’s hairspiration
The sister of murdered schoolboy Danny Latimer (played by Charlotte Beaumont) appears to be dealing with her grief by spending a LOT of time on her plaits. Never a hair out of place; always an interesting asymmetrical parting.

3. We’ve found a new (old) style icon in Charlotte Rampling
We’re not old enough to remember the actress that plays barrister Jocelyn Knight in her breakthrough movie Georgy Girl in the Sixties, but do us a favour and pop her name in Google Image. We guarantee she will be your new retro style icon.


4. The Broadchurch drinking game
Ever had that thing where someone wears something from your own wardrobe in a TV show? No, us neither until we saw barrister Sophie Lambourne (played by Phoebe Waller-Bridge) in her Topshop grey checked coat in every episode so far, as owned by more than one member of the InStyle team. The rules are simple; take a sip of your wine/beer/coconut water every time she wears it in a scene. More heavyweight drinkers might like to substitute the coat for cast members who have appeared in Dr Who.

5. It’s made us more active #FashionFit
That incredible cliff face, which is actually at West Bay in Dorset, has inspired us to get off our sofas at the weekend and go for bracing beach walks. Why sweat away in the gym when you can blow out the cobwebs and take in a pub at the same time? And yes, we were wearing practical North Face anoraks just like Olivia Coleman’s character Ellie, before you ask.

Broadchurch is on ITV1 at 9pm, Mondays

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