5 Reasons To Be A Little Bit Obsessed with Our May Issue

5 Reasons To Be A Little Bit Obsessed with Our May Issue

From SJP and Anna Dello Russo, to Zac Efron and Kate Moss, our May issue has it all!

The only fashion drop this week worth mentioning has just landed: of course it’s our May issue! Check out why we think it’s better than a newly-single Ryan Gosling.

1. True Colours

We’ve got Carrie. Need we say more? SJP talks fame, family and her fabulous new fashion line.

Carrie Bradshaw

2. Sporting Touches

Get up to speed on the new sports luxe with our step-by-step guide to avoiding a Reebok Classic disaster. Adidas Popper fans need not apply.

3. Steady As He Goes

He sings, he dances, and he’s not bad to take a peek at either. Zac Efron lets us in on his newly found serious side.

Zac Efron

4. Italian’s Do It Better

The fantastically flamboyant Anna Dello Russo gives us the lowdown on getting the Latin look. Tip: It’s all about being favolous darling!

Anna Dello Russo

5. What’s Their Secret?

Forget double Ds, we’ve got triple Cs – Claudia, Christy and Cindy (not forgetting Kate of course!). Supermodels revealing their secrets to looking runway ready? We’re all ears!

Kate Moss



We’re pretty excited (so hopefully you are too!) to reveal our first issue of InStyle with Editor to the stars and newly discovered master of socks and sandals, Charlotte Moore, at the helm. Welcome!

Charlotte Moore

By George Driver

Images from REX and Charles Sykes.

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